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Canadian Immigration offers fantastic opportunities and a great lifestyle if successful. We know it isn't easy and there are many unforeseen challenges along the way but if you are properly informed and prepared then there is a better chance of settling successfully.

Whether you are intending to visit for a vacation, on a fact finding mission or want to stay for good this is the place to start - with over 150 pages that are all packed with great, reliable information about Canada and Canadian Immigration. As you work through our site, (Google site search facility at foot of page) direct links to the hundreds of detailed information pages and external sites are highlighted and underlined. Just click on the link and you'll go straight to the information. A dedicated directory of immigration resources is available with Immigration Consultants, Moving companies, Currency and Pension transfers all having quick links to service providers. Just click on the resources tab on the left!

Canadian Visa's
Here are the main classes of Canadian Immigration visa available -
  1. Skilled Worker
  2. Family/Sponsors
  3. Student Visa
  4. Business/Investor Program
  5. Provincial Nominee Programs
  6. Temporary Workers
  7. Quebec Visa
  8. Refugees
Use our personal experience to help you make informed decisions. Everything from the initial dream, application research and compilation, job searching and where to live; through to the most important part - actually arriving in Canada and starting your new life. Hopefully, your Canadian Immigration adventure will not contain some of the mistakes we have made!!!! The new Questions and Answers section provides an ongoing database of questions and the answers provided for free by experts - all to help you in your quest.

We provide ALL the information required for a life changing decision on Canadian Immigration either onsite or by linking directly to the BEST sites available! We know first hand the frustration involved trying to research Canadian Immigration as it is such a massive subject. Therefore, the use of our site will reduce the time spent searching and allow you to concentrate on the top quality information supplied.

With the Canadian Provinces being semi-autonomous there are many differences between each one. You will find information on driver licensing and vehicle registration, provincial nominee programs, schooling, healthcare, the major cities, real estate and accommodation issues, recreation and public transport to pinpoint a few. Definitely take the time to follow the links to the expert advice on each particular subject.

Canada is definitely the land of opportunity and is consistently ranked as one of the best places to live in the world. The vast landscape has a natural beauty that we feel is second to none. More importantly, the Canadians recognise this and are very environmentally aware and ensure they look after this precious resource.

It is relatively inexpensive to live here, the crime rate is lower than most other western countries and there is a community spirit we haven't felt in a long time. Neighbours help each other out, everyone seems to volunteer to organise community events and there is always something to do. Canadian Immigration is not easy and can seriously stress you out, however, the rewards are fantastic if you can stick to it. Moving to Canada was the hardest thing we have ever done and without a doubt the best! We have included "Our Story" so you can see some of the trials and tribulations we had - I believe we had extraordinary luck throughout the process as it could well have been a lot more difficult.

If you are undecided about such a big move, we hope this helps you decide. The best advice we have? Give it a go!

We do welcome any suggestions, feedback of any kind or good links that you would find useful in your quest for a new life. Any specific requests?...Just use the contact us link on the site information page, we'll find out and add it on!

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