Immigration Resources

This Immigration Resources page is a directory of companies and service providers who are there to help with your move. This will cover everything from shipping companies, immigration consultants and educational assessments to currency transfers and pensions.

The accommodation section holds information about and a means of contacting exceptional relocation specialists and realtors. Whether you are new to the area or new to the country, by using a realtor for your accommodation needs you have access to a phenominal resource.

You can also learn from others by visiting the "Questions and Answers" section listed on the left of your page.

Education Assessments

It is imperative that you understand what equivalency your educational qualifications will have in Canada. Once you know what level you have you can plan which career path to choose or what you need to improve. Also very important for your visa application.

I would recommend checking with the qualification equivalency agency for whichever Province you intend to move to and find out exactly what you require in the way of documentation. This could be as simple as course transcripts or calenders showing the amount of time you had to study each subject to acheive your qualifications. It is far simpler to obtain all the correct documents BEFORE you leave your home country than it is to find yourself in canada in 5 years time, needing them to apply for a course.

We faced this for my wife who decided to change career tracks as the kids grew up. We'd been here 4 years and as I was the main applicant, only I had my qualifications assessed by the Alberta agency IQAS. So, even if you don't actually apply for the assesment, at the very least, make sure every adult that is moving has all the paperwork they need prior to moving! This will save a huge amount of hassle later on as life changes very quickly and you never know when you may need it. If we can't prove the equivalency, she will have to study to requalify!! Thats expensive and time consuming.

To follow the link to all the info on having your qualifications assessed just CLICK HERE

Employment Opportunities

One, often overlooked, option is to secure a work from home income by building your own web based business. Though it may seem daunting, it is made VERY acheivable by the Solo Build It system which I have used for this site. With no website building or programming experience at all, I have built over 150 pages of content and one of the most comprehensive resources for Canadian Immigration.

The Immigration process can take upto 4 years in which time you can build a regular income from a business that you can take anywhere in the world. All you need is an internet connection and you are away. Just imagine starting your new life in Canada with a solid, established home business behind you that takes a lot of the money worries away and provides an extra piece of security during a period of immense upheaval.

Just Hype or sales pitch? Not at all - just click on the "Solo Build It" (SBI) links at the page footer for more information.


An essential item most immigrants will rush out and buy is a replacement vehicle. Before you do, read our Car Buying Guide for great tips and advice.

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