Immigration Visa For Quebec

Quebec is responsible for establishing its own Immigration Requirements and selecting only those immigrants who will be able to fill specific labour market gaps and who will adapt well to life in Quebec.

Quebec skilled workers are not assessed under the same six selection factors of the Federal program.

To immigrate to Quebec you must first apply to the Quebec government. If you are successful you will receive a Certificat de Selection du Quebec. This is the official immigration document issued by the Quebec government.

You will then have to make a separate application to Citizenship and Immigration Canada for permanent residence. Only those selected by Quebec will be admitted by the Canadian government.

For immigrant workers you must meet the prerequisites for one of the three programs:

1. Assured Job Program - you must have received an official job offer from a Quebec employer.

2. Occupations in demand program - you must have at least 6 months experience in an occupation listed. You must also have the funds to support your family for the first three months in Canada.

3. Employability and Occupational Mobility Program - there are several qualifying factors, comprising of age, training, at least 6 months of relevant work experience, sound knowledge of the French and English languages, have previously visited or have ties to Quebec. Also, you must have the minimum funds needed to support yourself and family for the first three months.

Though most Quebec applicants can already speak French fairly fluently, if you need to brush up your skills or even learn for the test Click Here! for more information about one of the best French language courses available.

If you wish to check application processing times please click the link to the CIC website. Once there, navigate through the options depending on where your application is being processed and the type of visa you are applying for.

Click Here for CIC Processing Times!!

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