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I chose to Build a Website on Canadian immigration to assist others by using my personal experience of the immigration and settlement process. I have no programming/website building knowledge or experience and have relied (to great effect) on the software developed by Dr Ken Evoy's SiteBuildIt. By following the simple step by step instructions and writing great content first and foremost, Onestop Immigration Canada is now one of the top 10 websites (as ranked by Google) for Canadian Immigration out of a possible 30 million!!!! So, basically, I have followed Ken's steps to success and joined the scores of other Successful Website Owners!! My initial idea was to write an article for the Airforce Base monthly magazine describing what I did and how I did it as there were plenty of other people interested in making the big move. I stumbled across the web building software whilst surfing the net and the idea of an article suddenly became a lot bigger - I'd build my own website!! Though I was skeptical about the whole web building package, the no nonsense money back guarantee gave me some security in at least attempting the idea and I haven't looked back since.


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I spend several hours a week (strictly a part time enterprise so far) updating the pages I have (over 150) and researching/writing new pages. I choose to do this ahead of watching TV etc in the evenings once my kids are in bed and all other jobs are complete. Owning your own website is acheivable for anyone and SBI makes a SUCCESSFUL website a reality for everyone too. You need to apply yourself and accpet lasting success doesn't happen overnight and requires work but anyone can make it.

The SBI software is an essential tool for anyone who wants to build a website - especially Small/Medium Sized Businesses. You can avoid paying astronomical amounts of money to professional webmasters and receive substandard websites by either doing it yourself or hiring an SBI webmaster to help you. This will make sure your business receives the return on investment it should from the most powerful tool in current marketing - the internet.

Many "professional" webmasters may produce a flashy, pretty website, but it has to be capable of competing on the search engines to give your business the increase in customers and revenue you are looking for. SBI will give you all the tools required to build a website without any fluff - just look at these Case Studies ! This does require hard work and is not an overnight success guaranteed system. You work hard and gradually build a website using the correct techniques and avoiding the dishonest "cheating the engines" approaches that some systems use. You may cheat the engines in the short term, but they employ the best in the business to continually weed out the cheaters and you will eventually be banned from them - not good for any business!!

By using a simple step by step instructional process, you are gently steered through learning how to use the software to its maximum by the exceptionally written Action guide. This breaks down the "lessons" into sequential learning sections described as "days". There are 10 days to complete and it is imperative that you take the time at the start to complete the action guide and ensure you understand what you are doing before you begin to build a website(you don't have to complete each "day" in 24 hours!!). Don't be scared or worried, this is easy to understand and you just repeat the sections if you have to. The action guide is always available to you for future reference as well and is now becoming available as a video guide (up to day 6 so far!!).

There are several fundamental steps to build a website with the actual site concept (what it will be about) the most critical. It is no good just thinking up a name for the site and then writing content for it. The name has to match or be connected to the content. A very regular mistake some businesses make is having the site named after the business and then the content being about the actual subject. For example Joe Bloggs is a realtor and calls his real estate business when it's about buying and selling real estate - is far more suitable.

SiteBuildIt (SBI) starts you off with the site Choose It! and Brainstorming functions. You use these to research your site concept and generate suitable keywords for both your site name and main keyword focus. The key to this is to use the keywords that are not oversupplied so this gives you a chance to compete for the top places on the search. When you build a website the demand and supply features make sure that the keywords you use for each page of content have the best chance of success and ranking well at the search engines.

The software then goes onto the actual business of building the site itself giving great advice and tips along the way you start off with the Homepage - the most important page of all. This has to catch your site visitor's attention so they spend time reading all the great information you have worked hard at providing! Then you move into the tier 2 and 3 pages that branch off from the homepage and give greater detail on the different subjects that are connected to the main concept. To overcome the lack of programming knowledge, SBI uses building blocks to input text, graphics and links (to name some of the functions) into each page. By simply clicking a button on the screen, you instruct the remote server to make sure the page is optimized for the search engines - this analysis tells you what to change (or leave it alone) and you keep checking until it is formatted exactly how it should be. Then all you do is click another "build it" button to instruct the same server to build the page and then you are done. To show you what I mean just follow this link for a Quick Tour.

I have to be honest, I cannot think of a simpler method for a novice to build a website! The pages are automatically submitted to all the important search engines in such a way as to avoid over submitting/spamming the engines and thus give you the best possible chance of being picked up by the engines.

Your new website will come complete with its own web mail that includes Spam and Virus Control and the unique "whitelisting" system that gives you full control over which addresses are blocked and those which are not. The amount of tools you receive continues to increase but the price to purchase the software hasn't - so the Value keeps growing!! This includes traffic tracking, a Link Exchange system, search engine position tracking and several "ebooks" you can Download For Free that give you even more great information and tips on making your links work for you and even how to setup and integrate an Online Store into your website seamlessly!

The whole SBI concept is quite staggering, from the actual website building software through to the technical support, you are never too far away from help should you need it when you build a website. A major source of help that is particularly unique to SBI is supplied by other SBI owners via the forum. The help and be helped attitude has developed what must be one of the nets most complete sources of website building information. This covers everything from basic site building problems through to traffic building/advanced programming techniques - all offered for free by other "webmasters" in the SBI community, see what other SBIers have to say about it on this video presentation.

So, if you have a desire to build a website, whether its for fun, a local business, Work at Home Mom, an internet business or non profit organization, let Solo Build It, the nets number 1 website building software, lead you to the SBI success!

If you have any questions about anything with the whole SBI system or how to build a website then please follow this link for all the Answers!! One final note on what Solo Build It has to offer and that is plenty of FREE material to get you started. This section has links to exceptional resources that many companies charge for but here you can down load these books for free and enjoy them with our compliments!

Webmasters Masters Course

Netwriting Masters Course

Affiliate Masters Course

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