Greater Toronto Area

Already the population and economic centre of Canada, the Greater Toronto Area (GTA) is also one of the fastest growing regions in the whole of North America with a population of over 5 million.

With Downtown Toronto as the core of the GTA, there are four other main Regions covering over 7,000 square Kilometers in area with each having its own local Government. To the North is the York Region with its 9 municipalities that vary from large urban centres to rural lakeside villages. "The Eastern Gateway" to the Greater Toronto Area is Durham Region made up of 8 diverse municipalities - everything from Lakeshore Cities to rural villages.

The direct neighbour to the West is the Peel Region consisting of 3 municipalities and also home to the Lester Pearson International Airport which is Canada's largest International Airport. The "Western Gateway" to the GTA is the Halton Region made up of four municipalities. Definitely the more rural Region in the Greater Toronto Area, Halton has some magnificent scenery that includes the Niagara Escarpment (a world conservation area) and Lake Ontario.

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Without a doubt, the Greater Toronto Area is the powerhouse of the Canadian economy and an integral part of the "Golden Horseshoe" area around that end of Lake Ontario. The workforce totals almost 3 million people employed at over 100,000 businesses offering a massive selection of goods and services. The first class Rail, Road, Air and Shipping links enable excellent access for these goods to the enormous US marketplace and Europe.

Most of Canada's top post secondary educational institutions are in the GTA which provide excellent research and learning opportunities for the students and a well educated workforce for Businesses.

As mentioned previously, each of the five regions of the GTA have their own local Governments that are responsible for the local services including Police, Fire, Emergency Medical Care, Healthcare and Education. All these services are administered following the Provincial laws but have the flexibility to meet local needs. Go to each regions link above to find greater detail on these subjects.

Traffic is definitely an issue in the GTA and can lead to some lengthy commute times. The Public transport arrangements are by far the best in Canada so it makes sense to use them where possible. Also, employment is well positioned throughout the Greater Toronto Area and not just the downtown core. With such a dense population, smog does become a problem in the summer months in the urban centres.

That said, large area's of the GTA are agricultural and rural. Equestrian centres are common and the excellent transportation links provide easy routes to get away into the vineyards, Ontario's Parks

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and the rest of Canada and the USA.

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With a large percentage of new Immigrants choosing to live in the Greater Toronto Area and the Canadian Governments reliance on Immigration, the GTA will continue to expand rapidly.

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