Winnipeg, the Provincial capital, is situated in the south east of Manitoba and is the geographic centre of Canada and North America. Winnipeg lies at the junction of the East-flowing Assiniboine River and the North-flowing Red River - this area is also known as "The Forks". The city is located approximately 100kms from the United States and is home to the famous street corner of Portage and Main, known as possibly the "windiest corner on the continent".

The city has been the gateway to the plains since 1873. Its surrounding landscape is mostly agricultural land which is used for livestock and grain production. There are also forests, marsh lands and the beautiful Lake Winnipeg (home to Grand Beach which is one of the best beaches in North America) is only 60 kms north of the city, . There are over 2.5 million acres of parkland and over 100 golf courses in the Province giving residents plenty of recreational activities to choose from.

Winnipeg experiences four distinct seasons and its temperatures can be very extreme with an average of -12 degrees Celsius in the winter to +26 degrees Celsius in the summer. During the summer months you can enjoy up to 16 hours of sunlight per day and over 2,300 hours of sunlight annually. The average precipitation in the city is a little over 50 centimetres per year.

Winnipeg is the largest city of the Prairies, with a population of 702,396 (2004) it is home to 60 per cent of Manitoba's residents ensuring a fairly diverse array of Housing Options . It is a multi cultural city with approximately 100 different languages represented. The city is noted for its excellence and diversity of its restaurants, there are over 900 restaurants giving residents cuisine from all around the world. There are many different cultural festivals including Folklorama, the world's largest multicultural festival.

There is an excellent performing arts scene in the area which includes the cities very own Symphony Orchestra, the Manitoba Opera Company and the famous Royal Winnipeg Ballet. The metropolitan centre also has art galleries and over 36 museums.

Housing in Winnipeg is very affordable and well under the National Average with a good variety of homes available in one of the city's 12 Communities. The city residents can enjoy an extensive Park System , with 3,000 hectares of parks which includes over 70kms of bicycle trails, picnic sites and swimming pools. There are facilities and attractions for every member of the family. There is also over 33kms of river bank accessible for the public to enjoy.

In addition to the parks, there are many sporting facilities which offer a wide variety of activities. It is home to three professional sports teams, the Blue Bombers of the Canadian Football League (CFL), Baseball's Northern League Goldeyes and the American Hockey League's (AHL) Manitoba Moose Ice Hockey Team which all attract the sports-minded Manitobans.

The city is quite metropolitan and offers a wide range of shopping and eating experiences. With all the different District's being close together and easily accessible by foot, it is a well populated and busy downtown area. There is also an excellent public transport system in the city which is operated by Winnipeg Transit. This offers the residents an economical, convenient and environmentally friendly method of getting around.

For more, detailed information please visit the main website for the City of Winnipeg.

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