The City of Vaughan

The City of Vaughan has to be one of the fastest expanding cities in Canada with a population of over 182,000. Situated directly north of Toronto, the locals are proud of the fact that they are "above" Toronto!There are several main communities that make up the City.


Kleinburg and the rural areas make up less than 3% of the population but have the highest average age. There are plenty of historical places of interest along with the well restored buildings along Islington Avenue. Most employment is in the construction business but Kleinburg has the largest number of home businesses in the City.

The village of Maple is home to around 20% of the population that has a high number of young families. The village is also home to Canada's premier amusement park - Paramount Wonderland which attracts over 3 million visitors each year. The Sports village is a large recreational development with a skatepark, 4 ice arena's, a 30 foot high rock climbing tower and baseball diamonds to name a few facilities. A quarter of the residents work in the city centre.

The 3 main residential neighbourhoods are in the southern section of the city. Thornhill, Concord and Carrville have over 40% of the population and most of the employment with large retail stores and manufacturing establishments. All 3 communities are still expanding and are a popular choice amongst Immigrants - 47% of the population. This makes it one of York Region's most ethnically diverse communities. The Vaughan Mills complex is due to have just opened and is an enormous shopping and entertainment mall.

Woodbridge has doubled in size over the last 15 years and is forecast to keep going as residential developments continue to grow. Around 38% of the city reside here with most employment being in the construction and manufacturing fields. Situated on the Western side of the city, Woodbridge has more of the smaller independant stores in its core giving a small town feel to it.

The city of Vaughan is well located with excellent transportation links provided by York Region Transit, Toronto Transit Commission and the GTA GO Transit. This is amplified by close proximity to Pearson International airport, the main Highways and the Canadian Pacific railway. This is making it one of the main development locations in the Region. The city already has a low unemployment rate of 3% with plenty of opportunities for jobseekers.

The healthcare and education systems are administered by the York Region with good medical and educational establishments in the city. The kortright centre for conservation is located in Woodbridge and is open year round for recreation and interpretive programs. There are many other trails, parks and greenspace areas to give great recreational opportunities for the residents City of Vaughan Website.

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