Saskatoon is situated on the South Saskatchewan River, located centrally in the Province. The city is at the heart of an agricultural area and offers a variety of services and products to the farming sector as well as being a market and distribution centre for Northern Saskatchewan.

It is home to the University of Saskatchewan which is a major centre for education, research and service located in the North east of the city. The City was also rated Canada's number one city for air and water quality by Chatelaine magazine.

The city receives an average of 2,381 hours of sunshine annually making it one of Canada's sunniest cities. The average annual precipitation is 347.2mm, with the temperatures range from -22 degrees Celsius in the winter to 30 degrees Celsius in the summer.

There is a population of 226,000 (2001 Census) making it Saskatchewan's largest city but it still manages to maintain a small town feel. The main residential neighbourhoods offer a full range of Housing Options and are located in the West (Riversdale,Montgomery Place, Fairhaven and Mount Royal) and the South/East (Varsity View, Brevoort Park,Churchill,Nutana Park, Eastview and Furdale). The Downtown core is situated on the West Bank of the South Saskatchewan River

Covering an area of 144 sq. kms which includes over 120 hectares of riverbank parklands, the city has all the amenities you would expect in a large city. All the major retailers have stores and there are large shopping centres, restaurants to suit most tastes, museums and an art gallery.

Agriculture and mining are an important part of the local Saskatoon Economy ; the region is the world's largest exporter of Uranium and has recoverable potash reserves. The city is considered the agriculture biotechnology capital of Canada, with food processing being one of the fastest growing industries.

Saskatoon is known as Canada's science city, and is home to the largest science project in Canada in over three decades, the Canadian Light Source (CLS) Synchrotron. There are a few sporting attractions in the city with the Saskatoon Blades Ice Hockey Team of the Western Hockey League entertaining fans in the winter. The summer months are filled with the noise from the the Speedway circuit and the International raceway drag track. The Marquis Downs is the horse racing circuit that also operates through the summer months.

The city has a good transportation system with extensive Bus Routes operated by the city. The International Airport operates throughout the year to a variety of international destinations.

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