Professional Regulating Agencies

In Canada, many Professional occupations and Trades are regulated by the Federal or Provincial Government. For the most of us the recertification process will be fairly long, intense and possibly frustrating so be prepared to jump through the hoops and give the regulating agencies what they are looking for. Start by checking the National Occupation Classification for your specific career - it will be used for your visa application if applying as a skilled worker and will give an excellent starting point for the research.

Each occupation will be different and each Province will have its own rules about certification standards. There are some trades that have a "Red Seal" system that are transferrable between Provinces - otherwise you will have to recert. every time you move Provinces. This is the same for Canadian Citizens.

Skilled worker applicants whose field of expertise is Professional Engineer, Technician / Technologist or Pharmacist will be required to have an Initial assessment carried out and included with the visa application. This is subject to change so check with the visa office you are dealing with prior to applying.

The Canadian Information Centre For International Credentials - CICIC - are the best agency to contact for both general information Canada wide and Provincial. It is a massive site and a great resource but to make things more easily navigable we will provide specific information and links for each Province below:


British Columbia





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