Ontario Immigration Organisations

This page - Ontario Immigration - is all about the different associations, agencies and organisations in Ontario that are dedicated to providing assistance to newly landed immigrants. This ranges from language training, skills training to advice and recognition of your foreign training. These are listed in no particular order and we will be adding more as we find them! If you know of any we don't have listed please Contact Us

New Canadian Program - Ontario Immigration

- This is part of a joint venture to provide New Canadians with assistance entering the Canadian job market. The assistance ranges from finding work related to your profession, building a supportive network within a profession and the local community to better understanding the Canadian workplace and integrating successfully.

Settlement.org - A great site with a multitude of information on immigration and settlement issues in Ontario. There is a regular news sheet that can be viewed with articles and information.


- The Toronto Region Immigrant Employment Council is a multi-stakeholder council that is working to improve access to employment for immigrants in the Toronto region, so they are better able to use the skills, education and experience they bring with them to Canada.

Skills for Change - Providing learning and training opportunities for immigrants and refugees so that they can participate in the workplace and wider community.

Regulators 4 Access - This organisation's aim is to engage deliberately and strategically in developing and designing proactive approaches to internationally trained professionals seeking access to self regulated professions in Ontario.

World Education services - WES evaluates foreign education and gives a North American equivalency. This is essential for your availablility to the Canadian workplace.

International Credential Assessment Service

- provides a service that evaluates educational documents to provide a Canadian equivalent that can be used for employment, immigration or further education. Also has information and advisory services for all types and levels of education - elementary, secondary, postsecondary and technical.

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