Nova Scotia Parks

Nova Scotia parks have many different landscapes, activities and opportunities on offer. You can experience beautiful saltwater beaches, freshwater beaches, hiking trails and canoeing.

Many of the Provincial & National parks have information centers staffed by knowledgeable parks staff. Some also run educational interpretive programs mainly aimed at the children but good fun for adults too. The Provincial parks have ongoing Events and Programs throughout the season. The two National Parks are administered and staffed by the Federal Parks Canada.

Cape Breton Highlands National Park is located on the Northern tip of Cape Breton Island, it offers amazing highland and ocean scenery. One third of the Cabot trail, a world famous scenic travel way, runs through the National park.

Kejimkujik National Park and National Historic Site is an inland park which offers lakes and rivers, perfect for canoeing. There are also hiking trails through the woodlands and rolling landscape. It is about 160 kilometres from Halifax in the southwest of the mainland.

You will need a Park pass to most national parks - these passes are valid for any National Park in Canada.

The 120 Nova Scotia Parks are administered by the Department of Natural Resources which has broad responsibilities relative to the development, management, conservation and protection of forest, mineral, parks and wildlife resources and the administration of the province's Crown land.

The Nova Scotia Parks website linked above gives all the information on the Provincial Parks including a detailed breakdown of all the fees payable from day use through to camping. All offer tremendous adventures, exploring and general vacations in areas of outstanding natural beauty. There is a plentiful and diverse range of wildlife to see and learn about and is a fantastic education for kids and adults alike!

I'll finish this page with the same advice as the other parks pages - Do Not feed the wildlife, take nothing but photo's and leave nothing but footprints. Most of all - have a great time!

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