Newfoundland And Labradors Parks

Newfoundland and Labradors parks offer a variety of outdoor areas; there are Provincial Parks, Wilderness and Ecological Reserves and they offer something for everyone. The parks provide overnight camping, swimming, picnics, outdoor sports and many more recreational opportunities.

Many of the Provincial & National parks have information centers staffed by knowledgeable parks staff. They run educational interpretive programs, guided tours and many more educational activities aimed at all age groups. The two National Parks are administered and staffed by the Federal Parks Canada.

Gros Morne National Park is located on the west coast of the island of Newfoundland, it is an area of great natural beauty and was designated a UNESCO World Heritage site in 1987.

Terra Nova National Park is located on the eastern side of Newfoundland and is Canada's most easterly national park; it protects remnants of the ancient Appalachian Mountains.

You will need a Park pass to most national parks - these passes are valid for any National Park in Canada.

The 14 Newfoundland and Labradors Parks that hold Provincial status are administered by the Environment and Conservation Department, they are also responsible for the Wilderness and Ecological reserves. Another interesting Provincial Park is the Newfoundland T-Railway, which stretches almost 900 kilometres along the abandoned Canadian National railbed.

Newfoundland and Labradors Parks and Natural Areas website linked above gives all the information on the Provincial Parks including a detailed breakdown of all the fees payable from day use through to camping. All offer tremendous adventures, exploring and general vacations in areas of outstanding natural beauty. There is a plentiful and diverse range of wildlife to see and learn about and is a fantastic education for kids and adults alike!

I'll finish this page with the same advice as the other parks pages - Do Not feed the wildlife, take nothing but photo's and leave nothing but footprints. Most of all - have a great time!

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