Successful Interview Techniques

When it comes to an interview, many people viewing this site may well be experienced interviewees/interviewers and will probably know more about this subject than me.

I don't think that the Canadian employers are looking for anything more than most others around the world. Flexibility, easily manageable and a willingness to integrate with the rest of the work force are common traits that will make you attractive to a potential employer.

Most of the time the Canadian people are relaxed and easy going, however, in an Interview I'd always dress according to the position - minimum shirt, tie and trousers. It wouldn't hurt to check with the receptionist or your point of contact prior to the appointment. Overdressed is always better than underdressed!

There are thousands of advice and "how to" products available around the world but I have narrowed down two in particular that provide exceptional advice. The first, The Job Smart series, is a fully downloadable set of ebooks that cover every angle including difficult questions, oversea's employment, disabilities and much, much more. The second is a book I mentioned in the resume's page called Great Answers to Tough Interview... by Martin John Yate is a fantastic resource for anyone looking for new employment. I read it through and applied the relevant pieces and felt totally confident going into mine. It was the content that made me prepare thoroughly and know my Resume inside out. I made sure that I had evidence to support all my major claims and definitely gained great confidence from the advice offered.

At the end of the day, it was the first interview I had been in since I was 15 years old, and I got the job! If you have any doubts whatsoever, I would recommend reading it to fill in the gaps or to just reinforce that your technique is good.

As a newcomer, some employers may regard the lack of Canadian work experience negatively. Emphasize the momentous project you have just undertaken - not everybody has the drive and determination to successfully navigate the immigration process. The fact that you are sat there shows strength of character and attention to detail that you can use to your benefit.

The whole immigration process can be used to massive advantage when you consider what it takes from start to finish. So, expect that and prepare your answers from what you have experienced. Also, you will have passed stringent medical and personal background checks that, when properly explained, will make you even more attractive.

So, be confident, look them in the eye and don't forget, plenty may not be experts and could be as nervous as you.

The old adage "Its easier to get a job from a job" is true as well. Don't sit and wait for THE job to arrive, your resume will be more impressive if you have worked anywhere rather than sitting idle. Once you in employment, the networking possibilities are also expanded - you never know who you will meet and people you may work with will have friends etc.


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