Brandon, also known as "The Wheat City", is located in the Southwestern corner of Manitoba situated along the Assiniboine River.

The surrounding area is called the Westman Region and its main industry is agriculture - infact two thirds of Manitoba's farmland is located with in 130km radius of the city.

The Population

is 39,716 (census 2001) making it the Provinces second largest city - it is a major service centre for the surrounding agricultural industry. As with the rest of the Province housing costs are below the national average and there are plenty of Housing Options available in the city.

The city is situated along the Assiniboine River and the ongoing development of the River Corridor has created an extensive Trail System that stretches 17 kms through the heart of the city. This provides residents and visitors with gardens, parks and picnic areas, there are also Interpretive Tours and rentals that allow you to explore the surrounding trails and river.

The Parks And Picnic Areas provide many sports fields, camping, bar-b-que pits and tennis courts.

Recreational activities such as hiking, cross country skiing and cycling are just a short distance South of the city in the beautiful Brandon Hills, which also provides a habitat for a variety of wildlife.

There are many attractions in the city including a public art gallery and museums.

The Downtown Area has plenty of specialty shops, boutiques and restaurants. There are also shopping centres that have every type of store you can imagine; basically, it has all the amenities of a big city.

This area has very cold winters and hot summers, the average temperature in January is -18 degrees Celsius and in August it's 25 degrees Celsius.

The Municipal Airport is located 1.6 kms north of the city and offers passenger services to Winnipeg, Regina, Saskatoon and Edmonton. The main city Transit system offers a good bus service in and around the city to give a cost effective and environmentally friendly alternative to driving yourself.

The main sporting team in the city are the Wheat Kings who are consistently one of the top teams in the Western Hockey League (WHL).

For more information, please visit the City of Brandon Website.

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