BC Recreation

There is an abundance of opportunities for BC recreation. As with most Canadian Provinces, at no point in time should anyone be able to say they are bored or have nothing to do.

Not only are there fabulous mountains and wilderness area's on both the mainland and the Islands, but some of the beaches are breathtaking too. British Columbia is also blessed with fantastic lakes with beaches and pristine parks.

Hunting, Fishing and outdoor adventure trips are major pastimes in BC and by far the best resources are Canada's top fishing & hunting source and Hunting and Fishing in Canada both offer exceptional advice and resources to ensure you have the adventure of a lifetime!

Camping is one of Canada's most popular pastimes and there is a vast array of campsites and back country trails to explore. For great camping advice, information and equipment be sure to visit My Favourite Camping Store

- A camper’s resource for camping gear, camping tips, safety advice, camping recipes and cooking tips, camp songs, camping checklists, and much more!

The Shuswap (Salmon Arm and Sicamous) is a massive lake with a great climate that attracts thousands of holiday makers each year, with Houseboating a favourite pastime.

The Okanagan also boasts an impressive list of attractions - hot summers, vineyards, beautiful beaches and parks etc. etc.

Nearer the coast the climate is kinder and allows most activities to run year round. Obviously the Ski and snowboard seasons are limited by the weather but normally run from mid november to the end of april/early may. The Whistler resort is one of the best in the world and has been chosen for the 2010 Winter Olympics.

Don't hit the slopes before discovering all the need to know facts, tips and reviews that will ensure you miss out on nothing on your Whistler experience. For all this information on the snowboarding scene at Whistler go to Snowboarding At Whistler.com


The Canadian YMCA are a charitable organisation committed to providing first class leisure facilities that are affordable so everyone can enjoy their BC recreation. Most instructors are unpaid volunteers who run regular leisure centre programs as well as "camps" for the kids during school holidays. Most major towns and cities in British Columbia will have at least one facility.

Golf is massive in British Columbia with some world class Championship Courses set in spectacular locations. You definitely will never be too far away from a golf course!

As BC Recreation is such a massive subject, this link to the site BritishColumbia.com will provide all the information and links to a tremendous array of activities. For an excellent taster of what awaits you in your time off check it out.


There are sports teams, clubs and associations to satisfy most tastes in British Columbia. Many are for recreation, others in competitive leagues.

School Districts will also have their own competitions. These are fiercely contested - as all school competitions are - with rivalry between neighbouring schools.

As Sporting Activities are so important to the Canadian way of life, the BC recreation facilities are first class and very well used.

As with the rest of Canada, any kids teams may well be over subscribed so please research any you may be interested in and ensure you catch the registration window.

Entertaining children should not be a problem as there are so many Kids Activities.

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