Alberta's Provincial Nominee Program

The Alberta Provincial Nominee Program is operated in conjunction with Citizenship and Immigration Canada and the Government of Alberta. This immigration program is aimed at trying to fill critical skilled worker labour market gaps. If an employer is unable to fill positions using a Canadian resident, then he may go to the program and request approval to employ foreign nationals to fill the vacant positions.

There are a number of factors that have to be considered before the approval may be granted. The position cannot be filled by a Canadian resident and it is permanent, full time employment in Alberta. It must meet Provincial employment and wage standards and the position is offered to an individual who meets the required qualifications.

To be considered for the Provincial Nominee Program the employee must have a valid job offer from a pre-approved Alberta employer. With the booming ecomony, Alberta is suffering a severe shortage of skilled and unskilled labour - so bad the economic stability is coming under threat. The PNP is quickly becoming an excellent source of manpower for embattled employers and a list of current positions available via the program can be viewed at Link

If you are successful in your application to the Program you will then have to apply for permanent residence through Citizenship and Immigration Canada under the Provincial Nominee Program. You will also have to meet the statutory Immigration requirements such as medical, criminal and security checks. There should be extra points available to you for the confirmed employment by HRDC and a good chance your application may be processed faster once you are accepted under the Provincial Nominee Program.

In the current climate of lengthy waiting times for the permanent residence to be processed (2 - 3 years), this can be a fairly swift entrance to the country with the added benefit that you will already have employment when you arrive. This is a huge bonus when you are moving countries!!

This overview gives a great summary of the process and benefits for a successful applicant to the Alberta Provincial Nominee Program.

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